I enjoy writing about the constraints of existences; deconstructing the incitements that attempt to coerce my indoctrinations to impoverished response. Sometimes, I find myself the reluctant exponent of over-complicated sentence structures that may query my conciseness, heuristic, use of grammar, and syntax. Other times, I just whimsy over the absurd, inane, and mundane with self-absorbed pedantry. On the odd occasion, hopefully not too often, I may just be a pitiful, crying, self-indulgent tedium peddler. So, now after grabbing you with enthusiastic curiosity… *cough*… Skim over that vain old pic of me with Statler and Waldorf for an arbitrary bod’s journey into a critical theory of freedom.

I'm glad they can sit together

l-r Romantic, Anarchist, and Methodological Naturalist

A Little Less Grotesque

A Little Less Grotesque

The name ArtisanTheory is a tag-nom de plume-aka that I have used since the mid-nineties. It was originally provoked by a desire to counteract planned obsolescence, patents, marketing, indoctrination, and propaganda through skilled craftsmanship of the material and mental.

The level of skill and craftsmanship that I once thirsted for may not have been achieved, but I know just enough on the personal level to make small dents.  I hope my musings can prove interesting enough to others to inspire a few firing neurons.

With some of my personal recounts the names may have been changed to protect identities… Though, if you were in the vicinity at the time of occurrence you’ll probably know who I’m on about.

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