Intersections: A Minor Conundrum


Intersectionality poses somewhat of a conundrum to me. On one hand, I am allied with the individuals whose experience of oppression is highlighted by intersectionality, though it remains to be the wider oppression, that which is perpetuated through the prevailing socioeconomic reduction of humanity to mere capital for exploitation and manipulation, that I find more urgently in need of slaying. I see no one who is excluded from this wider oppression, which intersections are inherent within. This is why inclusion within feminism appeals so much to me. You may ask, where’s the conundrum? The conundrum is that intersections attract more prominence; with medias seemingly concentrating on and fetishising these nuances, rather than actively trying to promote the all encompassing tyranny posed by the intersections’ wider global transposition.

I admit this blog post is, as ever, subjective for me and may be severely lacking; call me out if you wish. I appear for most intent and purpose a comparatively privileged white (cis?) male, and as much as I empathise, sympathise, and ally myself with those whose oppression is far more overt and impacting than my own, I know I can never truly appreciate the gravity of the situation experienced by more oppressed individuals. This is maybe why I am seemingly more concentrated on the apparent kyriarchal source of all subjugation, and rather less on the relative refinements of intersectionality. It is a fight personally relevant to me. The fight most affecting.

Nevertheless, feminism is the antidote for all oppression. It is the unifying fight. The big precedent. Conquer the systemic oppression of half of our specie’s population and all other oppression will be comparative gravy in its wake. Apart from the inherent cruelty and injustice of the prejudice, from a humanistic point of view it is essential that we all be free and equal to flourish our specie’s social, technological and psychological evolution. I know this “wider oppression” sounds conceited, and maybe sterile, though it is why I will always stand side-by-side with, and be lead by, those whose intersectional fights against oppression and injustice are most urgent and able to utilise me.

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