I’m Really Disappointed, They Voted A ‘No’ In Scotland

♩ ♩ God save our gracious meh… Long live our noble blah… La la la bollocks! ♩ ♩

Union Flag

So the Scots voted in favour of staying part of the United Kingdom. If you’d read my previous post you’d know I was hoping for a ‘Yes’, but even I’m a little more disappointed than I expected. I had the feeling that the Scots would vote ‘No’. It seems that the comforting and comfortable march to corporate serfdom is exactly what 55% of Scots wanted. Despite a great turn out for democracy, they’ve actually voted to maintain the system that is eroding its raison d’être.

Anyway, the struggle continues in its current form. Getting Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Oh Well’ played as my earworm on BBC 6 Music before 8am. I think the fella who requested “… anything by Status Quo.” just couldn’t be arsed with even attempting the facade of an earworm. I had to laugh. So, I took to Facebook (I’ve reactivated again) and put this little nugget up.

Response to Scotland referendum

As you can see; this post hasn’t been very popular. Maybe I’m really out of step with my dreams for a global Humanist society. I have been very contentious on Facebook though. I think I’ve antagonised quite a few people. Perhaps I’m using too many long words, or something. I’m not really bothered though. Some of those on my ‘Friends’ list post all sorts of right-wing and fascistic crap. I have to admit I was hoping for a bit more support, but like I said “Maybe I’m really out of step… ”

Oh well, there are still some pertinent questions to be asked and impulsive promises to be fulfilled. There may be some neoliberal unveiling and hornet tormenting yet. Ho hum! There’s always tomorrow… Until there isn’t!

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