I’m Really Nervous, But I Hope For A ‘Yes’ In Scotland

I know it’s up to those living in Scotland to decide whether they should become independent of the UK. Though the question ‘do you think Scotland should become an independent country?’ makes me hope that they vote ‘Yes’. I can empathise with them. I’m disenfranchised too. The Scots have an opportunity to change that, and I want them to try. There is the opportunity to get power back from the those who wish to pursue a neoliberal doctrine, which promotes stealing from the majority for the benefit of the wealthiest. It’s quite possible the Scots may end up with their own brand of neoliberals to compete with England’s neoliberals, but the opportunity for change is there now for it not to be that way.

Scottish Saltire

The world is a mess. Neoliberalism is taking us all towards a globalised corporate serfdom. The Scots can stir the shit. They can hit the hornets’ nest. They can lift the veil so that those who have bought into the cancerous fiction of neoliberal capitalism will see the lie. Even if the Scots decide to stay in the union the conversation is going to happen. I hope the Scots, and the English, and the Welsh, and the Northern Irish won’t let the issues disappear whatever happens in the vote. Things need to change and this is an opportunity for everyone everywhere to redress the balance.

I like the comforting and comfortable falsehoods that the United Kingdom supplies, but I like the idea of possibility for progress even more. Independence is a risk. It may even end up being a sacrifice. But, we need to change politics, and we need to change the prevailing philosophy for the better. The Scots can do that for themselves today, and they can start the process for all of us. I have no ambition under neoliberalism. My inspiration to ambition now rests solely with social evolution and social justice. Scotland have the ability to give that to me. I hope they vote ‘Yes’ for independence. So with 10 minutes until the polling booths open, it only remains for me to say “Change the world!”

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