How To Kill A Ghost

I want to disappear. I’ve had enough of being a ghost. I only feel like I’m haunting. Suicide doesn’t seem such a grotesque thought right now. I want to walk, but nowhere to walk to. I want to talk, but no one to talk to. I want to go, but I feel devoid and empty and already lost. I just take up this space and that space. Feeling that which is missing.

I watched a spider traverse the ceiling and disappear. A thought about grasping it and putting it out into the night wisped across my mind, but then I thought “Let it disappear.” The people who are closest and those who mean the most to me could be freer without me. Like the spider from my thoughts; it’ll be gone in the morning. I only haunt their thoughts. I’m not really there. I’m not really here now. I’m only a ghost.

The best way to kill a ghost is to let it kill itself. Let it disappear…

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2 Responses to How To Kill A Ghost

  1. I came to stalk your blog.i’m going through a bastard of a time and want to walk into the i thought id come to decipher and decode as i so enjoy..i think i decoded it …i understand..but im selfish and spoilt and i don’t want you to be the spider x

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