No Gods, No Masters, No Manipulation, No Fascists,

On Facebook a few weeks ago, before I deactivated my account, I wrote a status to contrast what I saw as a glamorisation of World War One. It had been 100 years since a bunch of naive imperialist powers decided to kill the young men of their nations. Despite our existing generations’ access to information and the beneficial ability for 20/20 hindsight, the media, particularly the BBC and ITV here in England (I don’t know what the newspapers said as I no longer use them), decided to ham it up with an old nationalism reminiscent of the World Cup, or ye olde red jacketed negroid killing empires of yesteryear. They dragged out the acting royalty. Parading William and Harry in all their military finest. And like back in the 1910’s, they overtly and cynically exploited the consumerised/indoctrinated women’s wetness for a reassuring fandom, which inevitably brings along those men that are ready to acquiesce their critical thought in a similarly fashionable gesture for the vain hope of attaining the adoration. Although, the current white male dominated kyriarchy will exploit any sexual or gender orientation to the same ends; after all we are all human, and susceptible to more or less the same psychological tricks. In any case, that century old tragedy was portrayed like a cross between Christmas and The Expendables. I expect Wilfred Owen was kicking lumps out of his lid all that day. Anyway, it made me sick. I decided to tell anyone who happened to read my status that “I would commemorate all the dead, wounded, and injured soldiers and civilians ever in opposing any warmonger that I encounter until the day I die.”

Now, I find myself in a precarious position of straddling that statement and a wishful ideologue. What do I mean? Well, I adhere to a dream in humanity’s capacity to be great. I envision a world of liberty, egality, cooperation, understanding, and expression, where exploitation and cruelty are consigned to the annals of history. The precarious position is this: an opposing ideology is actualising in Syria and Iraq. I am referring to Islamic State, or IS. I am not so absolutist that I would say that my way is right, but I will contend to the last that what I consider right is preferable, more progressive, and just plain better than restriction, inequality, segregation, indoctrination, and dogma of IS. I consider that last sentence extremely reserved and understated by-the-way. I feel that I would fight, and perhaps encourage others to fight too, to prevent IS’s ideologic ‘promised land’ becoming entrenched. I could be a rather benign warmonger suffering from a little too much propaganda. I am all too aware of potential cognitive dissonance and my actual biases. Still, religious fundamentalism scares the backward medieval shit out of me, especially when it has power.

I know I’m just one dude with dreams and ideals. I know that as an individual there’s not much I can do to put a dent in this, or any other ideology. Perhaps it is vain, or just is vain of me to assume that the current burden I place on myself is significant at all. Nevertheless, I believe in social evolution. I believe we have the capacity to create a better world. Just as our species has evolved from small palaeolithic tribes to agrarian townships to industrial citizenries to our current globalised corporate serfdom, whilst essentially still being the same ape that walked the plains of Africa hundreds of thousands of years ago. I believe humanity can achieve a Humanistic serenity. Yet, my current grapple relates to whether I can rely on those authorities and governments that support corporate serfdom, and act as preventatives to a Humanist society, to fight the good fight with regards to IS. After all it is essentially one fascism fighting another fascism. One is a fascism based on religious dogma, and the other based on economic dogma.

It at first seems perverse that all of us must rely on a well-established and well-practised subjugator to defeat a new overtly brutal contender for most successful tyrant of the millennium. Yet, it has become part of the course for corporatism to produce the conditions suitable for patsy creation. The only difference being that this fall guy immediately threatens the oil needed to perpetuate the illusion of perpetual economic growth. This is no great surprise to any western government though. The only surprise is the exact timing and who creates the problem. IS is an inconvenience for corporatism, but ultimately serves as an excellent sleight of hand for continuing their shenanigans. Shit is expected, and secretly greeted. After all, defence procurement is just a method of syphoning public funds to private corporations.

Regardless of the malevolent games the powers-that-be play with people’s lives, it is essential that the innocents are prevented from being slaughtered and brutalised by megalomaniacs, as they are being in Iraq and Syria. It would be preferable to deal with all the human rights abuses taking place worldwide, like in Saudi Arabia, China, or perhaps the millions of deaths in the Democratic Republic of Congo. But, they are unfeasible to our governments because of the jeopardy it poses to the corporate transfer of wealth from the public sphere to the private. I want IS destroyed. I want their terror destroyed. I want their ideology dead. Yet, it suits corporatism to create division. Corporations are happy for us to distinguish ourselves from others; whether that be by race, by sex, by gender, by ability, by anime, by Harry Potter, by shoes with sandals, by our views on immigration. It is a constant itch that with all these catalysed ostentatious divisions there is still a manipulated liberty, which in contrast seems much more preferable to IS’s execution of apostates. Do I want a sledgehammer dropped on my foot from knee height, or be hit on the head by a heavyweight mixed martial artist wielding a pin hammer?… Hmmm?

However, I ultimately want to destroy the covert subjugation and brainwashing of Earth’s population by corporations and puppet governments. So, with a relatively established fascism getting ready to fight a new old pretender, the evolutionary, maybe revolutionary, dream remains. The ruins of our seemingly drunken happenstance route to civilisation do not have to continue being dystopic. Materialism and consumerism do not have to define us forever. I am of the dialectic that humans have a certain control of the material world, which means that seeming drunken happenstance can now be negated effectively for us to create. Maybe not in my lifetime, but I am pretty confident in our ability to innovate our social structure the same way we innovate every other aspect of our lives and surroundings. A Humanistic egalitarian society, free from the fallacies of corporate capitalism and theocratic authoritarianism, is possible.

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