Why’s Stopping Me…

I want to care again. I want to feel the fire in my belly again. I want my passion back.

What’s Stopping Me?

I feel like I’m on a downward spiral. I feel like I’m going down. I feel like I’m heading in the opposite direction. My confidence is evaporating.


I exposed myself. I opened my heart to let someone in. When they left I couldn’t stop myself escaping out of the hole. I feel like I’m no longer in me. I’m lost.


I wanted to love her. I wanted to love.


She wanted someone to love her.


The same reason I want someone to love me now. For the reassurance that I’m still here. For the reassurance that my I’m not lost. For the reassurance that I can still mean something to someone. For the reassurance that I can be exceptional.

What’s Stopping Me?

I want her to be that someone.


She is exceptional.


Because I love her.




I know I’m making mistakes. My thought processes are all messed up. My mind is exhausted. If you have any helpful advice please share it with me. Thank you.

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