Stumbling Over Trans Women

I was recently asked if I would ever consider a relationship with a transgender woman. I am quite happy to say that question did not cause much astonishment on my part.  I had already found myself easily attracted to trans women like Paris Lees and Jessica Tiffany. I did not feel any shame. It felt different, but it did, and does not feel wrong. For the record, I’m a heterosexual cisgender male who saw no distinctions. Here is my uninitiated answer to that question.

Before I start, I will just clarify that by transgender woman I am assuming you are referring to a XY male who gender identifies as female. I am currently rather impoverished socially so my understanding of the terminology and etiquette surrounding transgender communities may be lacking. So to answer your question as I understand it; yes. I am happy to have a relationship with anyone on the uncruel spectrum. I am not involved in a profession where human physiology is important; so I am more than happy for him to be her if she wants. If the relationship you are alluding to is a sexual one then I would have to disclose the apparent superficiality of my heterosexuality. In other words, and I know this will sound clumsy, if my senses are satisfied I’m satisfied.

I was half expecting to have antagonised someone with this attempted shattering of cultural convention, but I am glad to say it has not… Or perhaps I am just not doing it right.

Please remember this a personal and naive answer, but please feel free to call me out if I have unintentionally insulted anyone.

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