The Possibility Exists That There Are Some Men Who Are Raised To Hate Women

This afternoon I read a blog post by Godless Spellchecker regarding an assertion by Quinn Norton on BBC’s Newsnight. The assertion went “Men are raised to hate women.

I read a similar remark being used by Laurie Penny in a Twitter reply to Caroline Criado-Perez about a week ago. I did not know if she was being ironic, serious, or provocative; I have since found out it was provocative. Nevertheless, it was enough to knock the wind out of my sails at the time. It left me with the same questions as Godless Spellchecker provided in his post “Is it all men?  Most men?  Some men? If so, which?” Unlike Godless Spellchecker I didn’t present my questions at the time. I simply regarded Laurie’s tweet as an impoverished byproduct of 140 characters, or less. Laurie later expanded her position. Despite this I know she is wrong. My disinclination to disprove Laurie’s claim does not render her claim valid. I am a subdued kind of fella. I fear that if I gave my sapiosexuality and appreciation of women free rein then Laurie Penny, and many more beautiful clever women, would think me a bit of a creep.

Anyway, after watching Quinn Norton on Newsnight, I again felt troubled. Again the wind disappeared from my sails. The apparent dissonance of her statement is enough for the heuristic method to alter its meaning. Someone apparently added an “all” to the assertion in the zombie analogy, featured on Godless Spellchecker’s post, to have it make some sense, whereas I briefly and unwittingly subtracted the “… are raised to… ” for the same reason. It worries me that, following such an extensive assertion, the ambiguity in its interpretation will result in a number of girls, boys, women, and men falsely believing that men are raised to hate women, along with other ill perceived variants on the same theme.

I once did an implicit bias test as part of a psychological study for Harvard University. The result was that I am implicitly biased in favour of women, as opposed to men. I have no idea where this study now stands in it relevancy or rigour, but just for the record: I am, by current definition, a man. I do not hate women. I do not hate my mother, my sister, my aged next door neighbour, Lindsay who I walk the dog with in the mornings, her sister who I have never met, the goth who seduced me, the raver who rejected me, the woman at work who took the piss out of me because I moved my lips whilst reading, even Katie Hopkins. I do not hate anyone. I was not raised to hate anyone. I hate greed. I hate cruelty. I hate injustice… and that is more than enough hate for me.

I have not seen enough contrary evidence to suggest that everyone else is far removed from my position. I love women. Men love women… Though, the possibility exists that a minority may not.


It appears that the Newsnight interview misrepresented Quinn Norton’s views somewhat. Here is an article on the BBC News Technology site that maybe helps to define her point and hopefully counters (what I hope was) only a terrible edit on a well-intentioned, but poorly researched, Newsnight.

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3 Responses to The Possibility Exists That There Are Some Men Who Are Raised To Hate Women

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the comments. I would like to point out some inaccuracy. I never at any point added an “all” to her statement, or misquoted her in any way. I think this misapprehension may have arisen from the “Zombie Analogy” image on my blog, which appears to address me specifically. It’s not addressing me specifically.

    The creator of the image made it for someone else, but shared it with me as they felt its meaning would be helpful regardless. I’d appreciate a revision, unless you have some more information I’m unaware of.

    Kind Regards and thanks again,


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