The Woolwich Monsters Must Not Be Monsters


This post was inspired by a retort from my little cousin to some of her less insightful, and perhaps more indoctrinated friends. I am proud to say she seems an innate egalitarian, although I am sure she would prefer being called a proponent of equality. The retort was a response to accusations of her being racist, when in fact she was condemning the extremism of the two men who run over a soldier then beheaded him on a street in Woolwich, London. I have read her initial remarks and could see nothing that insinuated racism or prejudice, other than the prejudice one has towards a murderer.

Anyway, in her retort she called these two men ‘monsters’. I felt it necessary to counter the demonisation because it appeared to detract from her argument. Despite feelings running high (she lives local to the incident), I hope my piping up is appreciated. She is not alone in perceiving these killers as monsters, as I once was, and instinctively still am of the same thinking. That is why I’m putting my comment in this post because I think it is worth broader consideration in light of these attacks and those of the Boston bombers in April.

… it has to be equality for all, even with demonisations. Calling these two monsters is an easy let off for them and every potential murderer out there. The monster is a fantasy. Too many humans fantasize about being ‘monsters*’ because it makes them believe they are more than just another human. By calling them monsters we also buy into their fantasy. These two are humans like every other human, but have allowed themselves to be manipulated into believing that they are allowed to destroy another life for the benefit of a fantasy. The problem is there are too many of these easily manipulated people around the world who are all too willing to cast aside the responsibility of thinking critically in favour of egotistical fantasies. The responsibility remains with each individual to think and learn and progress.

*I intended ‘monsters’ as a reference to any perverse corruption of thought that leads a human to assume an exaggerated character. I can only hope that came through.

For a view with greater perspective check out this blog post.

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