A Wanting Conclusion to Greed and Violent Fantasy

Dead Pigs

Today I was inspired to type a relatively long comment to an interesting blog post. It is the first time I had read Another Angry Woman’s blog, and I found it most enlightening. It was also the first time I had been made aware of the anti-patriarchal war cry of “Kill all men”, and it is that which inspired my comment.

I have no idea how widespread a fantasy ‘kill all men’ is, and I certainly would not want to go toe-to-toe with anyone on its popularity. Although, I went with the flow and worked from an alluded to pervasiveness. The melancholic mood that I was left with after reading resulted in my comment assuming an idealised egalitarian patter as an attempt at mitigation. Here’s my comment, which appears to have been judged unworthy for inclusion in the post’s feed, in all its restrained glory.

In my comparatively niche experience, we all appear to be played off against one another for the benefit of individuals’ greed. And I emphasize ‘individual’. Individuals of all kinds will drag along other individuals in a strategy of cronyism that plays to the human fallibility of greed. Men are not the problem. Greed is the problem. Oppression arises from greed.

It seems anything that antagonises runs counter to naturalising egalitarianism. I understand ‘kill all men’ is meant to be provocative; but what exactly is it trying to provoke, and to what end? I am an ally of humanity and progress, and I’ll hold the bigoted and ignorant to account when I can. But, I am a man; and I’m included in that fantasy. Just as there are men who cannot rise above patriarchal indoctrination, there must be women who cannot extinguish the fantasy of killing all men.

As much as I think it’s healthy and critical to acknowledge the fallibilities of the human condition, it doesn’t seem to serve anyone in the long run to become an advocate for thoughts of violent extremism. No matter how innocuous they may be perceived privately.

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