Who Wants To Strive?

Sisyphus' Pound

Recently the news broadcasting in the UK has taken a sinister right-wing detour. The Tories, or the conservative party for any international readers, are using every media opportunity to promote greed and selfishness. Anyone who doesn’t want to be an overt capitalist ‘striver’ must wear the demon head. To avoid the implied hatred of my country folk I must aspire to strive! Strive! Strive!

Perhaps I’m supposed to be inspired in an American coach pep talk kind of way. I should strive for my family, strive for myself, strive for the redemption of the country, strive for my soul, strive so that all the other strivers will accept me as being a striver just like them, strive so much that I’m so worn out and apathetic from striving that I no longer care about my neighbour’s well-being.

At the moment I tread water financially. I’m not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, but then being cash rich isn’t an ambition of mine. I don’t want to strive. I just want to be.

The only things I’m forced to strive for are a better world, a better mind, and the ability to recollect useful information, although I’m pragmatic enough to realise my mediocre capacity. Fiat money and debt inspire nothing in me. I have no significant other, no dependants, no urge to conform, no urge to contribute to an inherently perverse capitalist system.

I don’t like to struggle. I don’t want to fight. I don’t like propaganda. I don’t like manipulation. I don’t like right-wing government… And I imagine they don’t like me much either.

Why should I strive for their economy of debt, cronyism, greed, disregard, and narcissism?

They won’t make the slightest effort to aid society, progress, evolution, or our future.

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