Walking Snoop… The Staffordshire Bull Terrier

This was my first submission to YouTube. It’s a video of my dog, Snoop, on one of his daily excursions. It was filmed on location in Norfolk, UK in the Autumn of 2011.

If you are thinking Snoop’s not a very imaginative name for a dog, perhaps you’re right. But, a young girl named him before I got hold of him; and I don’t believe in renaming dogs. Although, if you have the opportunity to name first try a short name with jagged consonants and pointed vowels because in my experience rounded vowels and consonants are bloody useless when trying to gain a dog’s attention.

This was my first attempt at strapping a camera to a staff; so this continues to be my reason if it appears a bit dodgy.

I made the attachment for his harness involving semi stiff plastic, velcro, cut-up combat trousers, insulation tape, and some vhb tape. It worked pretty well, but if there’s a next time I think I will locate the mount further back, on his back ,so that it doesn’t get knocked about by his shoulders so much.

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